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Gaiam Celebrates National Yoga Month with Rodney Yee's Daily Yoga DVD Release

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaiam, Inc., the leading distributor of lifestyle media, announces the release of Rodney Yee's Daily Yoga, now available on DVD. Rodney Yee has developed a program utilizing five distinct practices designed to guide users through their busy week, improving their lives along the way.

"Rodney Yee is the most recognized name in yoga and we're excited to partner again with him to release Rodney Yee's Daily Yoga," says William S. Sondheim, President, Gaiam. "He continues to inspire and innovate, introducing five styles of yoga that consumers can learn and practice week after week."

Each day, Yee introduces viewers to a different style of yoga, designed for a specific purpose.

  • Day One:  Build the Foundation (Iyengar) focuses on body alignment and form.
  • Day Two:  Energize (Vinyasa) delivers a flow practice that burns calories while increasing stamina and endurance.
  • Day Three:  Strengthen the Core yoga practice is geared toward getting centered physically and mentally.
  • Day Four:  Clean it Out (Ashtanga) is a progressive series of movements that help to detox the organs – resulting in a light, strong body and a calm mind.
  • Day Five:  Calm Down (Restorative) focuses on relaxing the body in restful poses giving you the chance to heal and renew.

Included with the purchase of the DVD is a link to a bonus digital download called "Rodney's Reflections" in which Yee introduces simple meditations that serve to supplement each daily practice.

Rodney Yee's Daily Yoga has an approximate runtime of 100 minutes and is available now in stores and online with a suggested retail price of $14.98.


Rodney Yee, based in New York City, is one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in the world. Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners ranks among the top ten best-selling fitness DVDs. For over 15 years, he has taught advanced yoga training courses across the country. Yee is a former gymnast and ballet dancer with the Oakland Ballet Company and the Matsuyama Ballet Company and studied philosophy and physical therapy at the University of California Davis and Berkeley. Yee has appeared on Oprah, the PBS special "The Practical Power of Yoga," and contributes to a variety of yoga and healthy lifestyle publications including Yoga Journal, Self, Shape and Fitness.


Gaiam, Inc. (Nasdaq: GAIA) is a leading producer and marketer of lifestyle media and fitness accessories, with a 62,000 door retail distribution network, over 14,400 store within stores, a digital distribution platform and more than 8 million direct customers. With dominant share of the fitness and wellness market, Gaiam is dedicated to providing solutions for the many facets of healthy, eco-conscious living. The company's commitment to quality, coupled with a forward-thinking approach to merchandising and distribution, has allowed it to dominate the health and wellness category with celebrity talent Marisa Tomei, Valerie Bertinelli and Trudie Styler and fitness sensations Bob Greene, Rodney Yee, Mari Winsor and The Firm.  In addition, the company releases non-theatrical programming focused on family entertainment under its exclusive licensing agreement with Discovery Communications and other licensing partners.  For more information about Gaiam, please visit or call 1.800.869.3603.  

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