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Gaiam, SHAPE, and Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Sanders to Release 400-Calorie Fat Blast

DVD will hit stores March 2011

NEW YORK, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaiam, Inc., the leading distributor of lifestyle media and fitness accessories, today announced its plan for the March 2011 release of their new SHAPE fitness DVD, 400-Calorie Fat Blast, starring Olympic gold medalist and distinguished TV host and broadcaster Summer Sanders. As a busy mother of two, Sanders knows that women everywhere want to do shorter workouts while still getting maximum results, so she and personal trainer, Keri Crockett developed this innovative interval training workout.

"Summer Sanders' outstanding work is exemplified by her many accomplishments which makes her a perfect partner for Gaiam. Her featured exercise routines not only promise to be efficient but also deliver results," said Gaiam President, William S. Sondheim. "This new SHAPE DVD employs the same workout techniques that Summer has used to stay in perfect shape throughout her very successful career."

In 400-Calorie Fat Blast, Sanders and Crockett share their formula for fitness success during three 15-minute workouts. All three interval training-based workouts blend multiple toning techniques with a strong cardio component. The segments, which can be done separately or combined, are:

    --  Jumpstart Cardiocombines 1-minute cardio intervals with longer
        resistance training sets and periods of active recovery in order to
        create muscle confusion and prevent plateaus.
    --  Calorie-Burning Inferno incorporates the notion of high-intensity
        interval training (HIIT), a specialized workout that involves short
        intervals of very high-intensity exercise followed by longer intervals
        of low- to moderate-intensity exercise.
    --  Core Power Boost, with its greater focus on power, balance and strength
        training, provides an effective way to burn calories and shed fat while
        maintaining muscle. This workout targets your entire body -- especially
        your core -- and helps you burn calories even after the session ends.

Also included in the DVD is a link to a bonus digital download, The Quick Ab Flatteners Workout, which is designed to target the entire core with a variety of exercises that are done in quick, timed intervals. The "30 rep" mat-based, 10-minute abdominal sessions will ensure the most efficient exercise routine for viewers.

Each exercise during these workouts continually challenge the body.  By varying the intensity and allowing for increased recovery times in between each move, metabolic adaptations occur that enable the body to use more fat as fuel. This not only improves athletic endurance, but it also increases fat-burning potential.  

An accomplished figure in the sports and fitness world, Sanders is a decorated U.S. Olympic swimmer; she's won two gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze. She has made numerous television appearances, as a host and guest, including Celebrity Apprentice, NBC Sports Winter Olympics, Good Morning America, and Rachael Ray. By applying her wealth of knowledge and experience to these fitness routines, Sanders is a great resource that will lead users on their own fitness journey.  

The DVDs will be available at and wherever DVDs are sold.

About Summer Sanders

Summer Sanders is a highly regarded Olympic swimmer whose intense dedication has resulted in numerous National titles, 3 Gold Medals at the Goodwill Games, a gold, silver and bronze at the World Championships, 6 individual NCAA titles, and two golds, a silver and a bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Sanders went to Stanford University, where as a team they won the 1992 National Title, one of the greatest moments in her swimming career. After Barcelona, Sanders quickly jumped into her second passion, television work. She has hosted hit shows such as FOX's Skating With Celebrities, FSN's The Sports List, NBA's Inside Stuff and Nickelodeon's Figure It Out. She has worked for the NBA and the NFL. She was a special contributor for the Today Show, Rachael Ray and Good Morning America. Last year, Summer was a cast member on NBC's hit show, Celebrity Apprentice where she competed for the charity, Right To Play. She has two children with her husband, Erik Schlopy.


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