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Gaia Launches Two New Original Series Streaming Now: Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond and Art of Letting Go with Sah D'Simone

Gaia Emersion Conference To Take Place in March

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaia, Inc. (NASDAQ: GAIA) ("Gaia" and/or the "Company"), a conscious media and community company, today announced the launch of two new original series, Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond and Art of Letting Go with Sah D'Simone. Additionally, late last year, Gaia entered a partnership with YouTube allowing shows to be purchased directly through the channel. These series will be available for download several months after they air.

Gaia Launches Two New Original Series Streaming Now: Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond and Art of Letting Go with Sah D'Simone

Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond was produced by industry veteran Jason Liggett and investigates the collective consciousness and the phenomenon of channeling with the world's top experts and experiencers including Shaman Durek, Darryl Anka, Mitch Horowitz, Sheila Gillette, Aaron Abke and Matías De Stefano. Viewers will have a chance to explore what channelers, oracles, seers, shamans, mediums, and enlightened beings have in common, and what can we learn from their messages. From the origins of the Ouiji board to the idea of lost souls, spirit guides, ghosts, and personal stories from the Near-Death Experiences, viewers will get an insider's view of renown historical scientists accessing higher dimensions. The first six episodes of the 10- episode series are streaming now.

"Channeled material has been a major influence in my spiritual growth. It has been a true honor to work with this amazing group of beautiful minds to dive deep into the heart of this powerful phenomenon of Channeling and illuminate the history, science, and secrets of one of the most mysterious topics in human history," said Liggett.

"Making this series is a dream come true and I am so excited for the world to see and feel the transformative power of discovering and tuning our extra senses to connect with guidance and intelligence from beyond our minds."

In the Art of Letting Go with Sah D'Simone, viewers have access to nine, 30-minute classes led by Sah D'Simone, spiritual revolutionary, transformational speaker, bestselling author, and creator of The Sah Method spiritual workout whose mission is to be of service by sharing the tools that helped him transform his own life and live from the heart. In each episode of physical practice and intention, viewers are guided to let go of grief and the past by embracing change through a combination of meditations, affirmations, movement and breath. D'Simone also begins each class with a lesson in Dharma. D'Simone began his spiritual journey in Nepal, India and Thailand where he studied with the great masters, living in ashrams and monasteries. He has dedicated himself to drafting a modern, joyful, revolutionary approach to healing rooted in these ancient methods. He is an influencer, best-selling author, and podcast host. D'Simone's Somatic Activated Healing™ method, can now be accessed by viewers who will learn from D'Simone how to be present in their minds and bodies, grounded in the path to enlightenment through methods including using breathwork for calm, maintaining compassionate awareness with a mantra, meditating with love, and practicing joy through movement and ecstatic dance.

"We are thrilled to join forces with the charismatic and engaging Sah D'Simone on this new series. With his unique personality and undeniable ability to connect with audiences, this collaboration will help our members find peace and fulfillment in their lives through self-reflection and healing," said Kiersten Medvedich, President of Gaia.

Gaia has also announced the second annual Gaia Emersion Conference will take place during one of the most powerful times of the year for creating a new you — the spring equinox weekend of March 18 – 19, 2023. Including the world's top transformational teachers Lynne McTaggart, Regina Meredith, Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D, and more, the two day conference will bring like-minded individuals together to inspire, teach and learn how to create positive change. For more information visit

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