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Rodney Yee's Most 'Powerful' Yoga DVD Yet Among The New Releases From Gaiam This Spring

"Power Up Yoga," "Calorie Blast Yoga," and "Yoga for Real Beauty" DVDs Launch This March

NEW YORK, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaiam, Inc., the leading distributor of lifestyle media, today announced the launch of its three new yoga DVDs: Rodney Yee's "Power Up Yoga," "CorePower Yoga Calorie Blast Yoga" and Maya Fiennes' "Yoga for Real Beauty."  All three titles will be available beginning March 5th at retailers nationwide.

"We are pleased to present three exceptional new DVD titles to our consumers this month," says Bill Sondheim, President of Gaiam. "With a diverse selection from some of the most renowned names in the yoga industry, we're confident that both men and women will find a practice that speaks to them – whether they are looking for a results-focused weight loss routine, or an inspirational yoga workout to help them lead a more focused and stress-free lifestyle."

Leading the new releases is celebrated yoga guru Rodney Yee's latest title "Power Up Yoga," which features a combination of cardio and strength-focused practices. This fitness-based approach to yoga is designed to increase overall fitness level. Filmed in the majestic mountains of Colorado, "Power Up Yoga" presents a three-pronged practice to harnesses "power".

"Power Up Yoga" includes:

  • Connect (20 minutes)
    The focus of this practice is " power through connection"  in order to build strength and muscle tone in the lower body.
  • Energize (20 minutes)
    In this cardio-focused practice, Rodney introduces "power as energy," which allows the viewer to burn calories and increase flexibility.
  • Breathe (20 minutes)
    In this session, Rodney concentrates on "power through stillness," teaching viewers to use their breath to connect movement with well being. This workout will leave people feeling focused and refreshed.

          Click here for a clip from "Power Up Yoga."

"Power Up's fitness-based approach to yoga emphasizes strength and flexibility, increasing overall fitness level and allowing people to perform their everyday activities with ease," says Rodney Yee. "I invite viewers to 'Power Up' each day...and see what a strong body and mind can accomplish."

Also, this March, Gaiam will release the second title in its CorePower Yoga DVD series, "Calorie Blast Yoga." Following their first title, "Intro to CorePower Yoga," the new DVD combines cardio with toning and traditional yoga poses for a completely energizing experience. Based on the popular CorePower Yoga studio classes, these three yoga practices will have viewers blasting calories and building overall strength in a fun, easy-to-follow format.

"Calorie Blast Yoga" includes:

  • Ready to Sweat? (20 min)
    A high energy flow that torches calories leaving viewers refreshed and ready to tackle the day. 
  • Strong Body, Strong Mind (20 min)
    Strengthen and lengthen muscles with a dynamic flow practice designed to exhilarate the mind and tone the entire body.
  • Yoga Sculpt (20 min)
    Strengthen the body and mind with this focused workout. Free weights are introduced as an optional added challenge to help tone and sculpt all major muscle groups.

          Click here for a clip from "Calorie Blast Yoga."

Finally, Gaiam will launch its third DVD with international Kundalini expert Maya Fiennes, "Yoga for Real Beauty." In the title, Fiennes brings a new, uplifting practice to help viewers feel beautiful on the inside and out. Using a combination of movement, chanting, and breathing, "Yoga for Real Beauty" helps viewers create and welcome beauty into their lives. More than merely a fitness routine, this practice is a complete system to help viewers experience a better way of life.

          Click here for a clip from "Yoga for Real Beauty."

All three titles have an approximate runtime of 60 minutes and a suggested retail price of $14.98. The DVDs will be available beginning March 5, 2013 in stores nationwide and online at

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