My Yoga On Gaiam TV Challenges You To Break The New Year's Resolution Habit And "Commit to You" In 2015

My Yoga on Gaiam TV Launches Exclusive 21-Day "Commit to You" Program Designed to Create a Foundation for Personal Success

BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- To kick off 2015, Gaiam TV, the premier subscription streaming video service dedicated to transformational media for mind, body and soul, is launching an exclusive 21-Day "Commit to You" yoga challenge on New Year's Day designed to help members around the world create a solid foundation for whole health wellness in the New Year.

"We all know resolutions don't last," says Michelle Trantina, Founder of My Yoga on Gaiam TV. "But real commitments; those are powerful.  This reality is what inspired us to create this transformational 21-day program to detox, center, and focus our members through daily yoga practice with some of the world's finest teachers like Clara Roberts-Oss, Cyndi Lee, and Nico Luce."

The "Commit to You" yoga challenge is a three week series designed around ancient wisdom to create real behavior change in modern life. Week one includes sweaty yoga practices to detox the body, week two offers meditation 101 and yoga to center the mind, and week three plants the seeds of intention to create an optimal 2015.

To celebrate the New Year and those who are committing to themselves, Gaiam TV is offering this program at an unprecedented 99-cents for the first month's subscription, which provides unlimited access to the "Commit to You" challenge on My Yoga, as well as access to the network's 6,000 yoga videos, films, documentaries and original programs.  Subscribers can continue the service for just $9.95 a month thereafter, and those ready to commit for a full year will receive a limited-time 25% discount on the annual plan – just $89 for 12 months, less than the cost of 1-month membership at most yoga studios. To sign up for the Commit to You Challenge today, go to:

And for added motivation, Gaiam TV offers participants a quiz to help them find their perfect mantra for 2015, something simple, but powerful that is designed to inspire in seconds and bring us back to what's most important.  To find your perfect mantra, take the quiz at 

Using a powerful combination of modern technology and ancient traditions, Gaiam TV curates transformational video content across five channels, including My Yoga, Health & Longevity, Seeking Truth, Spiritual Growth and Films & Series, all of which inspire people to live balanced, happy and conscious lives. The content offered through these channels provides an excellent way for subscribers to continue their commitment to bettering their lives through 2015 and beyond.

For more information on the "Commit to You" challenge, visit or follow Gaiam TV on Facebook at and Twitter at #CommitToYou.

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